Monday, May 3, 2010

the storm before the storm.

before i can even think about the october marathon, i've got to conquer two half-marathons. and one of them is this weekend (yikes!). i'll be participating in the hippie chick half marathon this saturday. i did this race last year, so at least i know what to expect. but that almost makes it scarier as i remember how hard it was. so, so hard. and sadly, only half as hard as the marathon is going to be. but i can't think about that quite yet. must concentrate on this weekend's race. (and then the eugene half marathon in early september.)

i haven't been doing so well with my training this year. i'm not sure what the problem is but i've been slower than last year and needed to stop/walk more often. so i'm nervous for this weekend. i'm actually just looking forward to it being over and a fresh start for training for the next races. i think part of the reason i've been having trouble is because i've been cutting so many calories in order to lose weight. so i haven't had as much energy as i need. so i need to find a better calorie/exercise balance on hard/long run days.

since the race is this weekend i need to save my legs and i won't be running this week. but i still need to move them around so they don't get stiff and i need to burn calories so i'm going to walk to all my errands today. all said and done it will be several miles. if i keep a good pace it will add up to a decent workout. but it will take awhile.

so..i'll see y'all tomorrow!

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