Tuesday, May 4, 2010

seize the sunshine..or the hail..

in the spirit of keeping my legs moving this week, leading up to this weekend's hippie chick half marathon, and continuing to burn calories as i 'rest', i decided to leash up my dog and head out for a brisk walk-- 10K or so. i live in portland, oregon, so i've got to work with (or around) the weather. it's a spring day today, which means hail with some sun-breaks. i took a chance on a sunny several minutes. it didn't really work out so well. about and hour, and three and a half miles later, my dog and i were absolutely soaked. just drenched. not the most fun i've ever had. but i suppose i've had worse walks and runs before. can't win em' all, i guess. hoping tomorrow is a better (dryer..) day!

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