Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's time to make it happen.

diet and exercise? there has GOT to be another way! but alas, there isn't another way. at least not another way that works and lasts.

so here i am. mid-thirties right around the corner, overweight and ready to fix it. for real this time.

i've been running for a couple of years now. but it stopped taking the weight off. i guess my body got used to it and i need to step it up again. (there has GOT to be another way. but alas, there isn't another way.)

so i'm going to run a marathon. on october 10th. i bought a training guide the other day. it promises if i follow the schedule for four months i'll be able to complete the race in four hours. and if oprah can do it, so can i. (i'm not kidding-- it really says the part about oprah.)

can i really do it? well...we'll know soon enough. follow my journey here to find out.

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