Thursday, May 6, 2010

review: garmin forerunner 305

i tried out my new garmin this morning. i have a forerunner 305 with heart rate monitor. (check it out below.) as i'm tapering for my hippie chick half marathon this weekend, i only had two miles to run today. but two miles is enough to give it a try.

the heart rate monitor works great. it isn't uncomfortable and it read my heart rate right away. one thing that could be improved is the display. the heart rate shows in the top right of the screen in small numbers. it seemed fine at first but once i started running i realized it was hard to read while in motion. there may be a way to change the display that i haven't found yet, though, that makes it bigger. i hope so.

the pace display also works great. it is pretty sensitive and therefore keeps up with me as i slow and speed. (i wish i was able to keep a steadier pace but that's a post for another day.)

the garmin found the satellites right away. my old one sometimes took several minutes to find its bearings and be ready to go.

so, all in all, i'm really happy with my garmin forerunner 305 so far. hopefully it will come through for me during my hippie chick half marathon. we'll soon know as the race is the day after tomorrow. yikes!


  1. Hey, looking at your post, there is a way to get the Hr larger than that tiny number in the corner. Hit Mode, Go into Settings > General > Data Fields, use up and down to change how many fields display (1-4)It will highlight what field you want to change, click enter and then scroll through the list to find your desired field (hr) Depending how many fields you chose to display, it changes the size.
    1 - 1xHuge
    2 - 2xMedium
    3 - 1xMedium 2xSmall
    4 - 4xSmall

    As an example I tend to use: Time or Lap Time, Pace, HR, Cadence(with the footpod)

    This should make reading your HR quickly much easier. Good luck to you!

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