Friday, May 7, 2010

pre race jitters!

i am so nervous for tomorrow!

i went to packet pick up this morning. that was fun. 10% off at portland running company so i got a new pair of socks to wear during the race. the shirts they are giving this year are cute, pink tech shirts. they are nice but a little short. last year's was a bit short, too. i will still wear mine, though, as it is lightweight and comfortable.

in order to have the most energy possible i decided not to worry about calories at dinner and have pasta. so i went to a favorite italian place that i haven't been to in ages on account of trying to lose weight. so...that was fun and a nice perk of running a million miles tomorrow. ok, not a million. but thirteen point one. and that feels like a million. bag of ipod, garmin, extra clothes, etc is all packed and ready to go. nothing left to do but try to get a good nights sleep. and hope for the best.

be back after the race..

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